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OK...... deeeeeeeep breath

Short Prelude:

Well , over the course of the last two years I have been very unsatisfied with life in general and wallowing in mediocrity to say the least, not to mention becoming kind of bitter and jaded.

In short, I have become unsastified with my life, the people I'm surrounded by, and mostly myself and my inspiration level. Not to mention my country of origin and it's seeming never ending decline into tyranny.

Tired of this canned strife..... I need some raw meat and nectar from the vine of real life.

So , I have decided not only to expatriate, but to sell everything I own and take a long backpack/hitchhiking/hosteling journey acrossed and zigzagging 3 countries!!

Hahah. I know it's crazy, but it feels right and it will be the coolest thing I have done in a long time....probably ever.

Anyways I'm rabidly planning the whole thing and I will not leave till mid july.
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