Che (xile) wrote,


I have nothing to do with this. These people are evil and should be stopped immediately.
Snarfed this from jameth's LJ:

"Livejournal's new changes do not prevent us from stealing your cookies-- we have stolen three thousand of them since the changes went in. We don't exactly understand why the lj dev team thinks these changes prevent the sort of attacks we've been using. One can only assume that they read a paper on xmlhttp and assumed that the security conditions of those functions applied to all javascript. Unfortunately they do not, and this change means nothing unless they make your cookie subdomain-specific (which would require you to login seperately for every different livejournal and community you visit).

Project LOL-J will continue. Our LOL POOPOO BBQ tactics will only grow exponentially in hilarity. Bantown will continue to hijack your livejournals and your friends pages will continue to be flooded with chickens, cocks, goatse, and scatporn until Livejournal meets with our demands.

Our request is simple. We want rahaeli/denisep to make a single post to the [info]news community with the following text (and nothing more): "IHBT by Bantown". It is to have comments open and be left visible forever, a mark of our supreme victory over Livejournal. She knows the reasons for this, and I could care less if she is not personally responsible for the abuse team transgressions of the past. She needs to step up and admit responsibility for the out-of-control actions of her megalomaniacal, censorship-loving abuse team.

In return for this show of good faith, we will permanently cease all operations against livejournal, never again to crapflood, troll, or xss exploit their website. We will move on to myspace, whose captcha we have also cracked (props to Tom-- this was hard and took two hours) and whose shoddy input validation we have similarly bypassed enabling injection of javascript into their shitty website. We will also reveal all our methods to the LJ dev staff.

Let the lolj menace accelerate!

Exploitable flaws in LJ codebase found: 17
Exploitable flaws patched by ljdev staff: 1"
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