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Who's next?

August 25, 2003
Japanese ID System Up and Running

Japan's national computerized ID system became fully operational today. The online database, which contains every citizen's name, address, birthdate and sex, is the centerpiece of a government initiative to speed administrative procedures such as filing change- of-address forms and applying for passports. The data stored in the system was initially used internally by the government, but now local governments are issuing Juki Net ID cards, which allow citizen access. The nation's Parliament passed a long-debated law in May to protect personal information from abuse by bureaucrats, however, three local governments continue to boycott the system, and a citizens' group reportedly plans to seek a court injunction to block operations.Washington Post, August 25, 2003
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Now it's even MORE safe to target and eliminate

Think about how simple it will be to frame and package blame

To isolate and regulate the movements of the masses and create alternate realities that might (or might not) have been

"Wang seems to be bringing up the rear a bit too slowly... let's, send a message"

They would never do that

They only want to help the people... keep what they have and be found where they should be

I .. I ... I think I understand


(I protest)

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