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Missing a n1n0r circuit for an old specialized MIPS board. Not much time..   
11:00pm 22/11/2018
mood: seeking
Hi. I am Looking for a very rare nin0r circuit for a specialized MIPS CI20 board. These are rare hobby. Hobbies are rare. If there is anyone harboring newer attachments for the non-commercial boards please respond. I am also looking for ut-317 chipsets and swedish prq modules as well as the tandem meme-156 riser board for said CI20. Help please.Stop harboring your hobbies. :|
It's already in the rice. Among the mental ones a new messiah will arise!I love this shit!    
10:24pm 09/04/2018
mood: Antagonistic
I love this shit! Ok, here is a trio of articles.
I will start with the 'fake news agency' Snopes:


They are claiming that the bioengineered rice in China containing plastic is 'unproven'

I Next move to 'fake news agency' #2 (and I do mean #2): BBC
in 2016 they made headlines by posting that about 2.5 metric tonnes smuggled
into the country by unscrupulous businessmen (is there any other kind?)


The 3rd article is the same fake news agency, The BBC, doing a complete reversal on their
position on the "plastic in the rice" scandal,around 6 months later from the headline above to one that reads
"Why people believe the myth of 'plastic rice'", with a creepily telling sentence "The rumours were originally
prompted by "fake rice" scandals, although they didn't involve food made entirely out of plastic." (??!?!?)


I suppose if our rice isnt completely plastic, then that means it's safe? yeah?
According to members of the IMF,U.N.,The W.E.C. (world economic forum) Yes.
09:12pm 25/01/2017
08:58pm 25/01/2017
So. All has been sed and done. Antisec rhymes with kek dot is. On the way out. Blessings 2 all
I remember when u and I and so & so did x to y and then z'd to fskn lawl=n x meme156   
07:54pm 10/04/2016
mood: reminiscent
[addendum] not sure bout this, i asked her to spare her mans hand. Tis a Pity.
Ok. An acquaintance unknowingly caused emotional pangs and an odd longing for LiveJournal's relative calm. After all, this was here long b4 4chan,myspace or Farcical Bunnyshit. Less noise to signal :)  My original account from 99 is gone,so I don't even get the 'early adopter' creds. Almost lost this one during the great LOL-J BBQ purge. Anyways. Perhaps I'll come here to say something meaningful every once in awhile.

Bah. Is there anyone left here?

ghost town

This pic was taken was b4 "selfie"; had invaded the meme-o-sphere.

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04:11pm 06/12/2010
  Hey. Don't have much time. I'm ...um somewhere I would rather not be atm. So. Rubbercow, or any PHC people get at me via netjitsu ADZ indoctrinate dotz us. ne1 seen drater in the last few years?  
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06:51pm 21/01/2006
  I have nothing to do with this. These people are evil and should be stopped immediately.
Snarfed this from jameth's LJ:

"Livejournal's new changes do not prevent us from stealing your cookies-- we have stolen three thousand of them since the changes went in. We don't exactly understand why the lj dev team thinks these changes prevent the sort of attacks we've been using. One can only assume that they read a paper on xmlhttp and assumed that the security conditions of those functions applied to all javascript. Unfortunately they do not, and this change means nothing unless they make your cookie subdomain-specific (which would require you to login seperately for every different livejournal and community you visit).

Project LOL-J will continue. Our LOL POOPOO BBQ tactics will only grow exponentially in hilarity. Bantown will continue to hijack your livejournals and your friends pages will continue to be flooded with chickens, cocks, goatse, and scatporn until Livejournal meets with our demands.

Our request is simple. We want rahaeli/denisep to make a single post to the [info]news community with the following text (and nothing more): "IHBT by Bantown". It is to have comments open and be left visible forever, a mark of our supreme victory over Livejournal. She knows the reasons for this, and I could care less if she is not personally responsible for the abuse team transgressions of the past. She needs to step up and admit responsibility for the out-of-control actions of her megalomaniacal, censorship-loving abuse team.

In return for this show of good faith, we will permanently cease all operations against livejournal, never again to crapflood, troll, or xss exploit their website. We will move on to myspace, whose captcha we have also cracked (props to Tom-- this was hard and took two hours) and whose shoddy input validation we have similarly bypassed enabling injection of javascript into their shitty website. We will also reveal all our methods to the LJ dev staff.

Let the lolj menace accelerate!

Exploitable flaws in LJ codebase found: 17
Exploitable flaws patched by ljdev staff: 1"
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H0 H0 H0   
05:43pm 26/12/2005
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Liberal Guilt (Haiku in C Minor)   
10:19pm 20/12/2005
  urban decadence
drinking mocha chai in silk
watch the urchins beg
I'm Baaack   
09:58pm 20/12/2005
  Hi, maybe I will write stuff here or something. For people who have been wondering where I have been, I moved to seattle and I am working for a corporate monster.  
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*Really* Cool Artwork   
07:46pm 02/09/2003

A live journal freind turned me on to this. I love it. The guy needs to make a graphic novel or something. Somtimes I wish I could draw.....
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07:25pm 02/09/2003
  Testing out some silly LJ client.  
10:05pm 30/08/2003
  Hrrrm. Ok then. A cig, "Inside network perimeter security", and maybe watch Bill Maher ( he's kind of funny) then bed.

So much for babbling incoherently with strangers tonight. Haven't felt like doing this in awhile.

Probably all the better.

G'night strangers.
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Ok. I am definately bored...   
09:08pm 30/08/2003
  ____ _                    _
 / ___| |__  _   _ _ __ ___| |__
| |   | '_ \| | | | '__/ __| '_ \
| |___| | | | |_| | | | (__| | | |
 \____|_| |_|\__,_|_|  \___|_| |_|
  ___  / _|
 / _ \| |_
| (_) |  _|
 _   _
| |_| |__   ___
| __| '_ \ / _ \
| |_| | | |  __/
 \__|_| |_|\___|
 ____                                _
/ ___|  ___ _ __ ___  __ _ _ __ ___ (_)_ __   __ _
\___ \ / __| '__/ _ \/ _` | '_ ` _ \| | '_ \ / _` |
 ___) | (__| | |  __/ (_| | | | | | | | | | | (_| |
|____/ \___|_|  \___|\__,_|_| |_| |_|_|_| |_|\__, |
 _____ _           _
| ____| | ___  ___| |_ _ __ ___  _ __
|  _| | |/ _ \/ __| __| '__/ _ \| '_ \
| |___| |  __/ (__| |_| | | (_) | | | |
|_____|_|\___|\___|\__|_|  \___/|_| |_|
Who's next?   
09:04pm 30/08/2003
  August 25, 2003
Japanese ID System Up and Running

Japan's national computerized ID system became fully operational today. The online database, which contains every citizen's name, address, birthdate and sex, is the centerpiece of a government initiative to speed administrative procedures such as filing change- of-address forms and applying for passports. The data stored in the system was initially used internally by the government, but now local governments are issuing Juki Net ID cards, which allow citizen access. The nation's Parliament passed a long-debated law in May to protect personal information from abuse by bureaucrats, however, three local governments continue to boycott the system, and a citizens' group reportedly plans to seek a court injunction to block operations.Washington Post, August 25, 2003
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07:34pm 30/08/2003
  Tired. Lonely. Sad.
Why are humans such needy fools?
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03:14am 01/08/2003
  Bah. Waiting for about ten more packages to compile, so I figured I'd post.

Life has been annoyingly busy , yet pleasantly forgiving lately.

I built the operating system on this machine from scratch....compiled everything from source with flags to optimise every piece of hardware on my box. It took for ever, but I'm rather pleased with the results.

My ipv6 tunnel broker is taking too fsking long to send me my infos. :/

I'm such a pessimistic moody bastard.

Hi everyone.
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Bah humbug   
03:44pm 14/07/2003
  Well, my plans of cross country adventure have been thwarted :/

I suppose it wasn't meant to be.

Looks like I'm here for awhile longer.
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OK...... deeeeeeeep breath   
06:01am 23/06/2003
mood: hyperventilating
Short Prelude:

Well , over the course of the last two years I have been very unsatisfied with life in general and wallowing in mediocrity to say the least, not to mention becoming kind of bitter and jaded.

In short, I have become unsastified with my life, the people I'm surrounded by, and mostly myself and my inspiration level. Not to mention my country of origin and it's seeming never ending decline into tyranny.

Tired of this canned strife..... I need some raw meat and nectar from the vine of real life.

So , I have decided not only to expatriate, but to sell everything I own and take a long backpack/hitchhiking/hosteling journey acrossed and zigzagging 3 countries!!

Hahah. I know it's crazy, but it feels right and it will be the coolest thing I have done in a long time....probably ever.

Anyways I'm rabidly planning the whole thing and I will not leave till mid july.
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nas ne dogoniat   
08:40am 18/06/2003
yucky me
sideshow bob

echoes past
life unfree
dead skin masq
yucky me