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I remember when u and I and so & so did x to y and then z'd to fskn lawl=n x meme156

[addendum] not sure bout this, i asked her to spare her mans hand. Tis a Pity.
Ok. An acquaintance unknowingly caused emotional pangs and an odd longing for LiveJournal's relative calm. After all, this was here long b4 4chan,myspace or Farcical Bunnyshit. Less noise to signal :)  My original account from 99 is gone,so I don't even get the 'early adopter' creds. Almost lost this one during the great LOL-J BBQ purge. Anyways. Perhaps I'll come here to say something meaningful every once in awhile.

Bah. Is there anyone left here?

ghost town

This pic was taken was b4 "selfie"; had invaded the meme-o-sphere.

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